9 Natural Methods to Stimulate Stem Cell Growth Naturally

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Stem cells can be given a boost to increase energy, vitality, and prevent disease with these herbs and supplements.

Did you know that you can increase the production of stem cells with nutrition, herbs, and supplements?

You can! Listed below are supplements and herbs that can make you look, feel, and be younger. If taking preventative measure to stop disease is important to you, take notice of this list.

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This is information you will be talking about for years.

Increase Stem Cell Production and Prevent Disease Naturally

Rhodiola Rosea: A powerful adaptogen that increases your immunity to stress. It is known to boost general strength and vitality. You can take it like a vitamin, or add the powder to your daily tea. (What I personally use.)

Astragalus: A restorative tonic for increasing metabolism, strength, stamina, & vitality. The root is mainly used. Astragulus can be taken like a supplement or added to your tea in a powder form. (What I personally use.) 

Panax Ginseng: Another powerful adaptogen that promotes overall health, vigor, depression, diabetes, fatigue, aging, inflammation, degeneration, tumors, stress, and ulcers. The tuberous roots are used in powder form for teas, supplements, & extracts. (This is what I use.)

Gingko Biloba: This is one of the oldest known tree species in existence. This tree is known for treating memory loss, eases anxiety and stress, and is now being used for glaucoma. Do not use this with blood thinners as it can interrupt the effects of blood thinning medications. Ginkgo is mainly used in supplement form. Make sure to choose a high quality form. (This is what I use.)

Spirulina: A blue-green algae with a dense portfolio of nutrition. Spirulina has more anti-oxidants than any other food. Higher in protein than meat, more calcium than milk. This is not a supplement to ignore. Taken either by powder (strong flavor) or by capsule. (I’ve been taking this for years.)

Cordyceps: Cordyceps is a strange natural event. It is a parasitic fungus that feeds off of moths resulting in a medicinal mushroom that strengthens the body, (kidneys in particular). Even though this is a strange one, remember this. This is a powerful ancient tonic. Cordyceps is becoming very popular and is added to a lot of health blends. (I prefer this supplement type.)

Blue Green Algae (AFA): Another algae only a freshwater algae that boasts similar traits as spirulina. It helps you build blood, great skin, and helps to regenerate the liver. Most commonly found as a supplement. (This is my favorite one.)

D-Ribose: This is a simple sugar that helps rejuvenate the heart and restore energy effectively. This ingredient is extremely important in cell maintenance and regrowth. D-Ribose is most commonly found as a supplement. (I will never be without this one.)

B Complex Vitamin: B Complex Vitamins are an integral part of your immunity and cell energy to fight off free radicals. B Complex Vitamins are water soluble and your body will release what it cannot use by turning your urine bright yellow. Supplement only, but please choose a high quality B complex. (I use this sublingual form.)

What are you adding to your supplement regimen today? You don’t have to add them all at once, but certainly consider adding them all over a period of time. Bookmark this list so you can come back to re-check your preventative medicine cabinet! (And please remember to share with friends and family!)

When I had my stroke, I had put together this list about a month before my health was taken. This is the list that helped me fully recover back in 2014. My neurologist is begging me to write a book about my recovery and what I did. This is just a glimpse. I hope you find some inspiration and new ideas from what I did.

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This information is Not FDA approved nor is it a diagnosis in any way. This information is for educational purposes only. Talk to your doctor about your health and wellness. Print off this list and take it to your doctor. Discuss what herbs and supplements would be an effective choice for you. If your doctor will not discuss vitamins and supplements with you, please consider reaching out to a naturopathic doctor in your area.


Is There Really an Herbal Birth Control?

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You aren’t alone if you didn’t know there were natural alternatives to Birth Control.

~~~Birth Control Fact~~~: Did you know that if you suffer from migraines where you lose part of your vision, that the birth control pill puts you at a large risk for having a stroke? The aura that can accompany migraines can mean there is a specific defect with the heart. Always mention a migraine aura to your doctor.


There are only two ingredients. Queen Anne’s Lace seeds & vodka.

Be careful that you identify the hairy stems of the Queen Anne’s Lace seeds if you are harvesting yourself. Hemlock, which is a comparable plant can be easily mistaken for Queen Anne’s Lace. Hemlock is poisonous. If you are unsure, find someone who can identify with 100% certainty or purchase your seeds from a retailer.

Queen Anne’s Lace Seed Pods, turn brown and curl up into a ball. These seed pods are what you want for your natural herbal birth control recipe. I personally use the flowers, green seed pods before they dry, and dried seed pods in my tincture. Harvest until you have a small jar full, then fill with vodka. Cover, and shake it every day for 2 weeks. Your extract or tincture is complete.

If you choose to purchase your seeds, pour the seeds in a small jar then fill with vodka. You will cover it, shake it daily for 2 weeks, and your extract is done.

Strain your medicine and store out of sunlight. I pour mine into brown amber bottles with droppers, but you can store in the same jar just as easily.

You will only need a small, pint size jar.

Now how do you use it?

Pay attention to your cycle. From ovulation on, take one dropper full (or a teaspoon) daily until your period arrives. It tastes pretty awful on its own, so I mix mine with orange juice. The acidity of the orange juice masks the flavor.


Queen Anne’s Lace makes the uterine wall slippery. If an egg is fertilized, it simply will not stick or be implanted in the uterine lining. I have not heard of any side effects, but do you own research to make sure it is a safe option for you. I highly recommend Susan Weed’s series of books on women’s health.

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How to Make a Raw Vegan Herbal Multivitamin Tea

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Did you know that you can make your own raw herbal multivitamin?

Herbs can deliver the essential vitamins and minerals with an herbal infusion that is easy for the body to absorb. Dehydration of herbs is a slow process, retaining all of the nutritive benefits that raw foods have.

This recipe is my base recipe for all my herbal teas and infusions. This herbal multivitamin tea recipe is kid safe. Kids would want to drink 2 cups to replace a multi-vitamin and adults would want to drink a full 8 oz to pack in the natural benefits or replace a multi-vitamin.

Everything in (parenthesis) is my personal recommendation and what I use.


2 parts alfalfa (This is what I use.)
2 parts peppermint (or spearmint) (This is what I use out of season.)
2 parts powdered rosehips (you can use dried rosehips, too) (This is what I personally use.)
1 part stinging nettle leaf (This is what I use.)
1 part oatstraw (This is what I use.)
1 part red raspberry leaf (This is my source.)
1 part powdered dandelion root (you can use chopped up dried roots as well, or fresh if you have them available) (This is what I use.)
1 part sage leaf (This is where I source mine out of season.)

Stir your dry mix up and make by the cup with a tea infuser (like this one I have).  Store the rest in a tightly sealed jar or container out of sunlight.

Vitamin/Mineral Content

  • Alfalfa – eight essential amino acids, chlorophyll, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, sodium, potassium, other trace elements, promotes assimilation of other plants
  • Red Raspberry – Vitamin B, calcium, iron
  • Nettle – iron, calcium, zinc, chromium, Vitamin D, protein
  • Rosehips – Vitamin C
  • Oatstraw – silica, calcium, chromium
  • Dandelion Root – sodium, iron
  • Peppermint – potassium, phosphorus
  • Sage – Vitamin K

To give your tea some added benefits for those days when you need a bit more:

Add a pinch of cayenne for pain relief.
Add a pinch of chamomile for extra detox power and adrenal support.
Add a pinch of lemongrass to brighten your mental focus.
Add a pinch of hibiscus to add nourishment. (Hibiscus will turn your infusion a pretty pink or red color, which kids love!)
Add a pinch of red clover herb for women’s issues and heart health.
Add a pinch of horsetail to help shed excess water weight.

To replace your gatorade or other chemical hydration drinks:
Add a pinch of Himalayan pink salt for electrolytes.
Add a tsp of raw local honey for allergies and to balance blood sugar.

You can customize your herbal multivitamin infusion however you like. By adding some raw honey to sweeten it to your taste, you can keep a pitcher in the refrigerator for the kids to drink at will. It is a great replacement for sugary drinks.

Stay Plant Happy and Healthy!

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Herb Robert Plant Medicine


Herb Robert is a fascinating plant. (Stinky, but fascinating.) Otherwise known as stink weed and is a voracious grower in loamy soils throughout the Pacific Northwest, it is a plant that is being studied currently for its blood cleansing ability in the pharmaceutical industry.

Herb Robert is used a blood purifier and helps oxygenate the blood. It could be great for weight loss because of it’s oxygenating effects, which increases circulation.

There isn’t a lot of research available on Herb Robert. So if you are on any medication having to do with your blood, it is best to consider it contraindicated for you. Of course, seek the opinion of your doctor.

I have used it dried.
I have used it in a fresh tincture.
I have also used it in a triple fresh tincture.

Some say they eat it raw…. (I think they are crazy.) The plants smell too much like diesel for me to put in my mouth raw. But after it is dried, it loses that offending scent.

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