Herb Robert Plant Medicine


Herb Robert is a fascinating plant. (Stinky, but fascinating.) Otherwise known as stink weed and is a voracious grower in loamy soils throughout the Pacific Northwest, it is a plant that is being studied currently for its blood cleansing ability in the pharmaceutical industry.

Herb Robert is used a blood purifier and helps oxygenate the blood. It could be great for weight loss because of it’s oxygenating effects, which increases circulation.

There isn’t a lot of research available on Herb Robert. So if you are on any medication having to do with your blood, it is best to consider it contraindicated for you. Of course, seek the opinion of your doctor.

I have used it dried.
I have used it in a fresh tincture.
I have also used it in a triple fresh tincture.

Some say they eat it raw…. (I think they are crazy.) The plants smell too much like diesel for me to put in my mouth raw. But after it is dried, it loses that offending scent.

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