The Essential Top 10 Cold and Flu Remedies

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Top 10 Cold and Flu Remedies:

*Probiotics: Choose one that is refrigerated and doesn’t have added sugar! (Or make your own with our recipe.)

*Garlic: Take as a supplement when your energy starts to feel low. Garlic will give you an immediate boost of immunity.

*Elderberry Syrup: Packed with anti-oxidants, elderberries are a popular choice for kids. (And adults cause it tastes incredible!)

*Apple Cider Vinegar: A natural probiotic when made at home.

*Vit C: Take up to 10,000 mg per day of Vitamin C to kick any cold or flu down.

*Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in ears: This is a great tip to remember. Just a few drops in the ears can eliminate any virus that is airborne.

*Oil of Oregano: This one takes a hit to the taste buds if you aren’t an oregano fan. I add it to my daily herbal tea when needed. Save this remedy for the colds and viruses that have you feeling a bit chilled.

*Eucalyptus (external only!): Make an herbal steam with eucalyptus and other essential oils to steam out the stuffed nose.

*Peppermint: Nothing soothes my sore throat like a cup of peppermint tea. Add a touch of raw honey and lemon, and your sore throat will adios.

*Vit D: Take as a supplement, or get your Vitamin D naturally from stinging nettle tea or mushrooms.

What are your favorite cold and flu remedies? Did you learn any new ones?

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