DIY: Easy Herbal Pain Relief Tea Recipe

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This herbal pain relief infusion tea recipe will help you live naturally.


1/2 an inch of ginger, peeled and sliced

tsp of powdered organic turmeric

1/2 tsp of rose hips

pinch of cayenne pepper

Place all your ingredients in your cup or french press. Pour boiling water over, cover, and let steep for 8 minutes. Stir, then add a squeeze of lemon, raw honey to taste, and a bit of coconut oil. I do not strain my herbal infusions or teas. The plant material is good for you! Discard the ginger at the bottom before making another cup.

This is anti-inflammatory at its very core! This tea has helped relieve back pain, arthritis flare ups, fibromyalgia pain, and even headaches. (And it feels great on a sore throat!)

Herbs work at the core cause of inflammation, healing it, instead of masking it.

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One thought on “DIY: Easy Herbal Pain Relief Tea Recipe”

  1. As a long time sufferer of lower back pain from a car accident, I appreciate your post.
    Regrettably, many people today do not know what
    it’s like until they experience it. I have actually tweeted a connect to your blog site and bookmarked the website.

    Thanks once again for your quality post.


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