4 Little Known Facts About Your CBD Oil


CBD’s have been booming in the news and social media. New companies are popping up, old pot shops are claiming they have the only medicine that’s real. False information is being bred by hungry wolves looking to profit from your illness. And that is the hard truth of it.

To help you differentiate between a good CBD source and one that isn’t so effective, there are a few things you need to understand.

ALL CBD’s are not created equally.

#1— CBD’s made from medical marijuana are going to have a lower potency of CBD than one made from hemp. Why? Because THC in medical marijuana deactivates the CBD potency. You cannot get high and get a good amount of CBD in your system. It’s Not physiologically possible. THC and CBD counteract each other.

I keep hearing that you need a full spectrum of CBD, which is only possible through marijuana. This is just plain FALSE.

Hemp only has trace amounts of THC, and a lot of companies remove the THC completely for people who need to pass the most rigorous drug tests or have a sensitivity that could land them in an ER.

While so many will claim that marijuana never killed anyone, I’ll stand up and raise my hand in disbelief, because it almost killed me. Some of us who have a heart condition can absolutely NOT have THC, not even in trace amounts. Medical marijuana, while great for some people, is death for others. Medical marijuana is not a cure all.

#2— Vaporizing is not necessarily the best way to receive CBD’s. This is another myth that is dangerous.

Vaporizing any substance at a high temperature level and breathing it directly into the lungs, is a dangerous activity. There will be other substances present that makes it more harmful than beneficial– Unless– there is a lung issue present that needs a direct stimuli of CBD.

If a lung issue is present and CBD is needed directly, look for a low temperature vaporizing pen with PURE CBD in hemp form to vaporize. I only recommend one Vape Pen on the market: Hemp Vap from Kannaway.

Avoid the popcorn lung catastrophe and only use a vaporizer pen if really needed.

#3— Hemp needs to be grown organically. Hemp is one of those plants that would make the Dirty Dozen list if it were in stores to be bought. Hemp sucks up chemicals and all kinds of horrible things out of the soil and carries it into the plant, toting it right along with that CBD that you could be ingesting.

This is where things get tricky. Because hemp is still illegal to grow in the US (I believe only 1 permit is rendered in California at the time of writing this), all our hemp is imported.

Organic labeling is different from country to country, making it almost impossible to know where your hemp is really coming from.

#4— Remember that alcohol solvents are great for some plant material, but any plant that is high in Vitamin B (like hemp) will have it’s properties destroyed by the alcohol. Vitamin B’s are not alcohol soluble. So those expensive alcohol based tinctures that you believe to be rich in CBD, are in fact, not. It is not scientifically possible.

The only tincture or extract form of hemp that would satisfy my plant remedy making mind, is one made from apple cider vinegar, glycerin, or another alcohol free, organic solvent.

When you take these 4 things into consideration, there are only a handful of places in which I personally recommend to get your CBD healing regimen from.

A. Kannaway is one company I stand with. This is the brand which I personally take because they have a line of Pure CBD with all traces of THC removed. Kannaway products are kid friendly, have various potency levels to reach any health goal, and they are affordable for their potency levels.

They also have an opportunity for business owners to help spread the word about their Triple Lab Tested (trademarked) products. To purchase or sign up for a Kannaway ambassador account only $55 per year, use BA code: 5079395.

B. Canna-Pet is the company I recommend for pets and our animal family. When my dog started showing signs of anxiety, Canna-Pet is where I turned to. And I will use this company personally for all my pet CBD needs in the future.

C. Club 8 has an organic, THC free pure oil in potency of 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg, and 250 mg (per serving) for the most potent Pure CBD oil on the market. You can click here to sign up for a free VIP membership.

Kannaway Pure CBD:BA# 5079395
Canna-Pet: CBD’s for Pets
My Club 8: Free VIP Memberships


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