Review: Glass Tea Pot with Stainless Infuser


As an herbalist, I make a lot of tea. I mean, I make incredible amounts of tea for me and my family. I always have sun tea out in the summer and when anyone is coming down with anything, I have tea to heal just about everything. (Here are a few of my recipes in my Kindle book.)

One of the biggest whispers in the back of my head when I make big batches of tea has been that I wish the tea pots didn’t have plastic components. I have avoided the glass tea pots for exactly this reason. The infusers were all made of some kind of plastic that leeches into your herbal medicine when you pour the boiling water into it.

No More! I found this little treasure on Amazon and was so excited to try it!

My daughter and I drink a lot of my Raw Herbal Multivitamin Teaย (recipe at the link) during the day. It was the first tea we tried. I was a little worried about the flavor, because normally I use way more plant material than the little infuser allows, but…. how do I say this… I’ve been making my own tea wrong!

The flavor was Perfect in this Glass Tea Pot with the Stainless Steel Infuser.
PERFECT. (And I’m a Virgo, I don’t say that word a lot.)

So if you are a loose leaf tea drinker, this is one item you’ll treasure.
And it’s beautiful! I find myself admiring it. There really is no hope for this herbalist. I will never recover from my love of plants, dried and otherwise.

This is Not a paid review.
It is affordable!
It is convenient!
It solves a problem!
It is beautiful!
4 of 4 stars.

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