Learn How to Use Alfalfa as Herbal Medicine

Tips to be Impeccably Groomed (2)

Alfalfa is one of my staple herbs that I use in my every day life. Every morning I make a teapot of my Herbal Multivitamin Recipe for myself and my kids. Alfalfa is a main ingredient because of all of its incredible vitamin and mineral presence. There is a reason the Arabs nicknamed alfalfa as the “King of Food”.

In our Herbal Mentoring Class, we are studying alfalfa this week. Our members are learning how to grow alfalfa, harvest alfalfa, and use alfalfa as herbal medicine.

Herbal Mentoring no longer accepts new members for our yearly membership, but you can still learn all about alfalfa. Each Herbal Mentoring Lesson is available on our storefront and will soon be available for the kindle on Amazon.

If you want to learn alfalfa skin benefits and the health benefits of alfalfa, this is a great option for you.

Are you looking for an online herbalist course, or wanting to learn herbal medicine at home? We have an incredible, family friendly beginner’s course on the menu above. You’ll be learning how to make herbal medicine quickly and effectively.


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