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15 Best Herb Titles for Your Home Herbal Library


I am not just a plant addict.
I am a book addict. A big one.

I am that person who you’ll find rummaging through Goodwill and other thrift stores, hoping to find a lost treasure. Especially an herbal lost treasure.

The most common question I am asked is: What is your favorite herb book?

I can tell you it isn’t anything by Rosemary Gladstar. (Sorry Rosemary, you aren’t my cup of tea. I find your methods outdated and overly complicated for no reason.)

Most herb books are just lifeless or so full of stoic, outdated recipes. Rare does the author even seem like they’ve worked with the herb, let alone even touched one. Listed below are my absolute favorite books that I refer to time and time, again. I treasure the authors and I’m happy to introduce them to you.

Healing Wise: (Wise Woman Herbal) by Susan Weed. Susan is probably one of the biggest influences on my own herbal roots besides my Grandmother. Her books are written in a lovely manner, as if you were sitting next to her. The information in every book she’s ever written is just spot on. Anything by her is a lovely addition to your herbal library.

Native American Medicinal Plants by Daniel Moerman. This book is the epitome of herbal history. It is an anthropological treasure of information for anyone who wants to understand how herbs were used in the past to see how they are now used. It is most interesting to witness herbs that we are told are *dangerous* to use were once used often and successfully.

Native American Ethnobotany by Daniel Moerman. The author lists 4000 plants and some 44,000 uses in Native American culture. It is a treasure. Sometimes I just find myself getting lost in it kind of like you get lost on Facebook. Except with this book, you learn something ~and~ avoid drama. (ha!)

Fermentation for Beginners by Drake Press. You may be asking yourself why this is here since it’s not an herb book, but you must understand: Total health begins in the gut. Until you know how to ferment your own foods and reach proper gut health levels, you’ll never have total health.

Adaptogens in Medical Herbalism by Donald Yance. Adaptogens are the magic herbs that are still not fully understood. Knowing and utilizing two or three adaptogenic herbs in your regimen can add incredible health and healing.

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A-Z Guide to Drug-Herb-Vitamin Interactions by Alan Gaby. This is probably the book I have used the most. I always double check contraindications before I recommend or even mention an herb to someone in my family or a client. This needs to be in every library. People who teach herbs NEED to teach contraindications or they shouldn’t be teaching. It is irresponsible to leave out such important information.

A Peterson Field Guide to Western Medicinal Plants and Herbs by Christopher Hobbs. If foraging is something you want to add to your herbal skills, then this is the book you’ll wear out. Take it with you on hikes and identify all the medicine around you. (Here’s the Eastern and Central Version)

Medical Herbalism by David Hoffman. If you ever decide to take a clinical course of herbal medicine, this is one of the text books that you’ll get to know very well. It is an incredible source of information and inspiration.

Herbal Antibiotics by Stephan Buhner. I still have the first edition and use it still today. To help yourself heal through any infection, this is the guide you want.

Herbal Antivirals by Stephan Buhner. I bought this one simply because there aren’t many books based on antivirals. In fact, most people believe there is nothing we can do for viruses, except let them run their course. I’m telling you, that is simply not the case. Get familiar with a few anti-virals (even coconut oil is one), and you’ll have a powerful apothecary.

The Earthwise Herbal Volumes I and II by Matthew Wood. Matthew Wood is an old friend to my library. I have seen him lecture. Every book he has written is a treasure but these two stand out as the best.

Planetary Herbology by Michael Tierra. There is no doubt that Michael and Leslie Tierra are herbal masters (if there were such a thing). They have both dedicated their lives to teaching herbs and this book is a wonderful, wonderful text on energetics of plants. If you ever wonder why plants do what they do, this is the book for you.

And my all time favorite book on plants:
The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins. If you haven’t read this book, it is simply a must read. This book has changed people’s perspective of plants since 1989. It will not disappoint.

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Our staff at Plants Are My Medicine has a collection of books and ebooks that you may find to be just the right type of inspiration you are looking for.

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Learn Herbs: Tea, Infusion, and Juice Recipes by Wendy Rae is a wonderful companion if you are down for some serious herbal healing at a beginner’s level. These recipes are intensely flavorful and packed with dense nutrients for specialized healing.

At only 99 cents, this is a treasure to start your own apothecary from.


The bridge tointuitive living




The Bridge to Intuitive Living: Your Guide to Building Intuition by Wendy Rae is the most no-nonsense guide on the market to tapping into your higher self. If you have ever doubted your gut feelings, trusted people when you knew you shouldn’t, this is the guide that will teach you how to trust in yourself and your own intuition.

“This is not just a guide. This book should be an intuition building class or workshop. I couldn’t get enough! I am amazed at how much more in tune I feel after these exercises. I will continue the journals and I cannot wait until I read the next one on raising the spirit’s vibration.”~ Joanna of Cashmere, WA



Learn Reiki One: Your At Home Guide and Self Attunement by Wendy Rae is yet another powerful tool in becoming a healer and raising self awareness through intention and energy. You can self attune to Reiki with this guide. This series is a full instruction guide for anyone to learn Reiki, including children.

“My local Reiki provider wanted to charge me $300 for one weekend class to become attuned to Reiki. My friend had told me that the class was mostly the history of Reiki and what is proper Reiki and what isn’t. I’m so glad I found this online! Not only did it save me a ton of money, it also saved me a ton of time. Thank you for this simple guide and attunement. I will be purchasing the others, too!” ~Gwenette of New York, NY


Learn more about herbs and their actions in our Beginner’s herbal course for only $65!

Learn Herbs: Tea, Infusion, & Juice Recipes

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I am so excited to announce our first Plants Are My Medicine eBook available now on Amazon Kindle. You can download your copy here:
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Learning to use herbs doesn’t have to be a complicated process and it certainly doesn’t need to cost hundreds of dollars in training or in supplies. You can be making medicine with one trip to your local store (and sometimes all you need to do is walk outside)!

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