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Plants have empowered me so greatly, that I am blessed to share this wonderful world of plants, with you.

Had it not been for my herbal knowledge given to me by my Grandmother, I wouldn’t have recovered so swiftly from the massive stroke that almost killed me in 2014. I live with an invisible disability, and I thrive because of herbs. I cannot even imagine what my life would look like right now if it hadn’t been for my Grandmother planting the herbal seeds in my mind when she was making me carry the bundles of alfalfa for drying.

I’m offering a free 5 lesson e-class on Learning Plant Medicine Methods because maybe you didn’t have a Grandmother to teach you.  Who knows when you’ll need the knowledge. I sure didn’t expect what happened to me.

In this little freebie class, you’ll learn how to use herbs, for free.

There is so much information out there. Some of it is incomplete, some of it is crazy complicated, and some of it is just plain wrong. Let me show you how easy it is to use herbs and where the reliable resources are.

You’ll receive an email from me every day with a new lesson. Choose what you want to learn. Learn at your own pace. No one is grading you. I’m just cheering you on!

With this free class you’ll learn the proper way to make tinctures, infusions, decoctions, 2 different oil infusion methods, and salve or ointments. I even share some of my favorite recipes.

You are going to have a new addiction. (Your family will thank you for it!)

~And it’s free~
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