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We have 3 Options for Your Herbal Learning Experience!

Option 1: Herbal Mentoring

Herbal Mentoring is a personalized learning experience. Every week you are sent a new herbal lesson and have the option of personal mentoring with me. There are no rigid curriculum schedules or must do lists. Herbal Mentoring is an easy-going, self paced learning experience. Email me on the Contact Page to begin your Yearly Tuition $89. (Soon going up to $154!)

You will learn how you can create natural healing herbal remedies. With just a little know how and the desire to want to give your family healthier options, you can make a huge difference in your family’s health and overall well-being.

Is Herbal Mentoring for You?

  • Yes, if you want to learn how to use the plants and spices that you already have in a medicinal way.
  • Yes, if you have kids or grandkids and want to teach them about plants and how to be more self sustainable.
  • Yes, if you homestead and want to know how to make your own medicine to be more self reliant.
  • Yes, if you want to empower your health, healing, and understand the world around you.
  • Yes, if you are a beginning student and learning your way around herbs.
  • Yes, if you are interested in herbal medicine for the general health of yourself or your family.
  • Yes, if you are someone who sells, grows or manufactures herbal and health products.
  • Yes, if you are a life long learner!
  • No, if you are looking to become a clinical herbalist. We are not certified and do not offer accreditation. If you want to become a clinical herbalist (and have patients) we recommend The Herbal Academy. Just a sidenote: There is no licensing for herbalists. Beware of false promises.

You’ll learn how to make tinctures, teas, infusions, decoctions, ointments, salves, use herbs as food for healing, and you’ll even learn about other food remedies!

For instance, did you know that lemons can kick a sinus infection headache out the door? I’ll show you how!

Wishing you had an option for natural pain relief? I’d love to teach you.

You’ll learn harvesting time, the best resources, how to grow herbs, how to wildcraft herbs safely, and you’ll even learn the best methods of preparation for each herb (because they vary drastically).

Everybody talks about superfoods and how great they are for you, but where are the real recipes so you can use these superfoods to access better health? I’ll share my personal, easy recipes.

Are You Ready to Join Me for Herbal Mentoring Lessons?

All new lessons, all new herbs! Just $89 for 52 lessons with personal mentoring included.
(Similar classes with only 12 lessons found elsewhere are $650 and are not kid and family friendly.)

Each lesson contains a powerful punch of info, both scientific and spiritual: Latin name, growing and harvesting, active ingredients, energetics, health benefits, uses, spiritual folklore, contraindications, and recipes!

You can join our natural remedy discussion group.

Enroll by personally contacting me. Tuition is yearly for $89. I will invoice you the tuition payment through Square.










You’ll be stocking up on affordable remedies with your very first lesson. These lessons pay for themselves over and over, again, teaching you how to use the plants and spices you already have around you.  Email me personally for a sample lesson?

~AND~ We don’t keep a curriculum. You can request, at any time, an herb you want to learn about and it will be added to the schedule.

Come join us! Contact me personally, today.

Cup of hot tea with teastrainer
Herbal Medicine Making Course is only $63.99. Similar programs online sell for $590!

Option 2: A Beginner’s Course in Herbs $64

In this Herbal Medicine Making Course you will learn how to make your own herbal plant medicine at home for you and your family. This is a 3 module course with over 45,000+ words for your study and benefit for just $63.99. (Similar programs with less information sell for $590 elsewhere.)

This is a PDF download of 45,000+ words on herbal study and learning. This course is easy and simple. It has been broken down into 3 modules for you to digest a little at a time, working your way through the material.

This herbal learning course is structured in a way that gives you all of the powerful information you need and want, without all the frills. Get down to basics and learn your way through herbs and the material medica!

In the 1st module you will learn how to discover the energy and active synergy of every plant. You will learn how to calculate a plant’s action and energy through your own senses.

In the 2nd module you will learn how to make every kind of herbal medicine from herbal tinctures, herbal salves, herbal infusions, herbal ointments, herbal syrups, herbal bath bombs, herbal hydrosols, herbal hydrotherapy, and so much more.

In the 3rd module you will study 15 herbs in depth: borage, calendula, catnip, chamomile, chives, cilantro, dandelion, dill, fennel, jasmine, parsley, peppermint, red raspberry, rosemary, and thyme. You can do all the herbs, or you can pick and choose your favorites, going back later for the others.

In each individual herbal lesson you will learn:
+ How to Grow and Cultivate Each Herb
+ Active Ingredients of Each Herb
+ Energetics of Each Herb
+ Health Benefits of Each Herb
+ Uses of Each Herb
+ Contraindications of Each Herb
+ Spiritual Uses & Folklore of Each Herb
+ Recipes and Formulas of Each Herb that can be customized to suit your needs and likes
+ Further reading and study

By the end of your herbalism course, you will be making herbal medicine with confidence for yourself and your family.

This course is beginner friendly.
Great idea for homeschooling and supplemental education.

When you have completed your study, a certificate of completion is sent.

Ready to enroll? $63.99 for this course. Just email me on the contact page and I’ll send you a square invoice. When your invoice is paid, your material will be on it’s way to you!


Option 3: Join our Free Plant Medicine Making Technique Class

Not ready to make an $89 or a $64 commitment? (We understand for a busy family, that can be a lot of money.) It’s a heck of a lot easier than $890, but we get it. Life is life and I want to make sure you still get the chance to learn how to use herbs.

So join our free class, first, to get the hang of how we do things. You’ll get great value out of this freebie. Then it will give you some time to figure out your budget.

This is a free 5 lesson e-class on Learning Plant Medicine Methods. You’ll learn how to use herbs, for free. Just scroll down and sign up. It’s easy, peasy.

There is so much information out there. Some of it is incomplete, some of it is crazy complicated, and some of it is just plain wrong. I’d love to win your trust. Let me show you how easy it is to use herbs.

You’ll receive an email from me every day with a new lesson. Choose what you want to learn. Learn at your own pace. No one is grading you. I’m just cheering you on!

With this free class you’ll learn the proper way to make tinctures, infusions, decoctions, 2 different oil infusion methods, and salve or ointments. I even share some of my favorite recipes.

~And it’s free~
Click to join