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The Ultimate 52 Plant Based Proteins for Plant Based Eating

52 Plant Based ProteinsThe Ultimate List

“Let thy food by thy medicine, and thy medicine by thy food.” ~Hippocrates

After you’ve watched the movie What The Health, (streams on Netflix), you may be inclined to go vegan. Vegan is a great choice for some and not a sustainable choice for everyone.

Regardless of your choice to be fully vegan or not, eating a vegan meal a couple times a week is a healthy choice. But where do you begin? There is a crazy misconception about going vegan that one will not get enough protein. Here are some plant based proteins to give you an idea of just how easy it is to get enough for your daily value.


Soybeans 29g
Lentils 18g
White Beans 17g
Adzuki Beans 17g
Split Peas 16g
Black Beans 15g
Garbanzo Beans 15g
Kidney Beans 15g
Lima 15g
Black Eye’d Peas 14g
Mung Beans 14g
Pinto Beans 14g

Nuts & Seeds

Chia Seed 12g
Hemp Seed 10g
Flax Seed 8g
Sunflower seed 8g
Almonds 7 g
Pumpkin Seeds 7g
Sesame Seeds 7g
Pistachios 6g
Walnuts 5g
Cashews 4g
Pine Nuts 4g

BBQ 101


Triticale 25g
Millet 8g
Amaranth 7g
Oats 7g
Wild Rice 7g
Rye 7g
Wheat 6g
Barley 5g
Brown Rice 5g
Quinoa 5g
Spelt 5g


Peas 9g
Potatoes with skin 5g
Mushrooms 5g
Corn 5g
Artichoke 4g
Avocado 4g
Brussel Sprouts 4g
Broccoli 4g
Collard Greens 4g
Fennel 3g
Sweet Potato 3g
Swiss Chard 3g
Kale 2.5g
Asparagus 2g
Beets 2g
Cauliflower 2g
Carrots 2g
Green Beans 2g

As you can see, protein can be easily met without much trying, so can iron and all the other minerals. The only vitamin that should be supplemented when going completely vegan is B12.

When you look at the biggest animals living on Earth, they are all herbivores, eating exclusively plants. They graze at their leisure and they don’t cook their foods to unrecognizable forms. Here are a couple of my favorite cookbooks for vegan meals:

Vegan Cookbook for Beginners
Forks Over Knives
The Super Easy Vegan Slow Cooker Cookbook
The No Meat Athlete Cookbook

Whole, plant based food movements are growing quickly. Peruse some of our plant based recipes and learn how easy it is to incorporate plant based eating. (And watch your energy soar!)

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