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Our staff at Plants Are My Medicine has a collection of books and ebooks that you may find to be just the right type of inspiration you are looking for.

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Learn Herbs: Tea, Infusion, and Juice Recipes by Wendy Rae is a wonderful companion if you are down for some serious herbal healing at a beginner’s level. These recipes are intensely flavorful and packed with dense nutrients for specialized healing.

At only 99 cents, this is a treasure to start your own apothecary from.


The bridge tointuitive living




The Bridge to Intuitive Living: Your Guide to Building Intuition by Wendy Rae is the most no-nonsense guide on the market to tapping into your higher self. If you have ever doubted your gut feelings, trusted people when you knew you shouldn’t, this is the guide that will teach you how to trust in yourself and your own intuition.

“This is not just a guide. This book should be an intuition building class or workshop. I couldn’t get enough! I am amazed at how much more in tune I feel after these exercises. I will continue the journals and I cannot wait until I read the next one on raising the spirit’s vibration.”~ Joanna of Cashmere, WA



Learn Reiki One: Your At Home Guide and Self Attunement by Wendy Rae is yet another powerful tool in becoming a healer and raising self awareness through intention and energy. You can self attune to Reiki with this guide. This series is a full instruction guide for anyone to learn Reiki, including children.

“My local Reiki provider wanted to charge me $300 for one weekend class to become attuned to Reiki. My friend had told me that the class was mostly the history of Reiki and what is proper Reiki and what isn’t. I’m so glad I found this online! Not only did it save me a ton of money, it also saved me a ton of time. Thank you for this simple guide and attunement. I will be purchasing the others, too!” ~Gwenette of New York, NY


Learn more about herbs and their actions in our Beginner’s herbal course for only $65!