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Germ Fighter Homemade Cough Drop Recipe

Germ Fighter Cough Drops

Germ Fighter Oil is a powerful way to knock out germs. Make these homemade lozenges to have on hand for the first sign of a virus.


1 cup of honey
1 teaspoon unrefined coconut oil
6 drops of Plant Therapy Germ Fighter oil


Pour the honey and coconut oil into a pan and bring it a boil gently.

Reduce heat to medium and keep boiling until it reaches 300 degrees with a candy thermometer. I added the coconut oil to help it not boil over. DO NOT BURN!

Once cooked remove from heat and let cool for a few minutes.

Add in the essential oils.

Drop in small serving size circles onto parchment paper. You can use a turkey baster to get uniform size drops. (Or I have used the tiny sizes Ice Cube Trays for uniformity.)

Let it cool and harden.

Wrap individually in small pieces of parchment paper.


5 Natural Remedies Every Teacher and Mom Need

Plants are my medicine presents-

Kids get sick.
Kids pass germs.
Kids have snot. (haha– well, it’s true!)
I know this from personal experience because I have 2 at home.

As soon as school starts, the colds begin to circulate. After Halloween, they become even more rampant and at this point, usually get passed on to teachers and parents.

Let’s stop the cycle. Here are 5 of the best preventive natural tools and remedies for every parent and teacher to have on hand.

  1. Homemade Vapor Rub – Non-petroleum based so your immune system doesn’t have to fight off the toxin load on top of the cold. This recipe is easy and so simple. You’ll be giving it as gifts to all your friends and family.
  2. Delightful Immunity Boosting Tonic – This cold and flu preventative keeps your lymph cleansed and happy. It takes a couple of weeks to set up but even kids can make this simple herbal preventative.
  3. Raw Herbal Multivitamin – Feel like you need to change up your vitamin? Maybe you know you are missing something? This recipe is a family staple in my house. We even make our sun tea with this. You’ll feel a difference in your energy and your kids will be focusing longer in school. (And it is so easy to make!)
  4. Herbal Cough Syrup – This is so yummy that you’ll want to take your cough syrup when you don’t have a cough! The ingredients are all natural and organic, but most importantly, this cough syrup works incredibly well. (And again, super simple to make!)
  5. Lemons – Lemons are nature’s blood purifiers. Read the link to learn more about the simple power of lemons because they go beyond health. Listed are 44 Reasons to buy lemons today.

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The Essential Top 10 Cold and Flu Remedies

Fast and Easy Waysto Dress YourLittle Ones (4)

Top 10 Cold and Flu Remedies:

*Probiotics: Choose one that is refrigerated and doesn’t have added sugar! (Or make your own with our recipe.)

*Garlic: Take as a supplement when your energy starts to feel low. Garlic will give you an immediate boost of immunity.

*Elderberry Syrup: Packed with anti-oxidants, elderberries are a popular choice for kids. (And adults cause it tastes incredible!)

*Apple Cider Vinegar: A natural probiotic when made at home.

*Vit C: Take up to 10,000 mg per day of Vitamin C to kick any cold or flu down.

*Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide in ears: This is a great tip to remember. Just a few drops in the ears can eliminate any virus that is airborne.

*Oil of Oregano: This one takes a hit to the taste buds if you aren’t an oregano fan. I add it to my daily herbal tea when needed. Save this remedy for the colds and viruses that have you feeling a bit chilled.

*Eucalyptus (external only!): Make an herbal steam with eucalyptus and other essential oils to steam out the stuffed nose.

*Peppermint: Nothing soothes my sore throat like a cup of peppermint tea. Add a touch of raw honey and lemon, and your sore throat will adios.

*Vit D: Take as a supplement, or get your Vitamin D naturally from stinging nettle tea or mushrooms.

What are your favorite cold and flu remedies? Did you learn any new ones?

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