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Germ Fighter Homemade Cough Drop Recipe

Germ Fighter Cough Drops

Germ Fighter Oil is a powerful way to knock out germs. Make these homemade lozenges to have on hand for the first sign of a virus.


1 cup of honey
1 teaspoon unrefined coconut oil
6 drops of Plant Therapy Germ Fighter oil


Pour the honey and coconut oil into a pan and bring it a boil gently.

Reduce heat to medium and keep boiling until it reaches 300 degrees with a candy thermometer. I added the coconut oil to help it not boil over. DO NOT BURN!

Once cooked remove from heat and let cool for a few minutes.

Add in the essential oils.

Drop in small serving size circles onto parchment paper. You can use a turkey baster to get uniform size drops. (Or I have used the tiny sizes Ice Cube Trays for uniformity.)

Let it cool and harden.

Wrap individually in small pieces of parchment paper.


DIY: Thieves Oil Blend Recipe to Save You Money

Fast and Easy Waysto Dress YourLittle Ones (20)

I’ve been using essential oils for years. As a note, I do not personally use any essential oils internally. There is no such thing as the grading system that some oil companies claim to have privy to. It just doesn’t exist. I’m sure we’ll see that change in the coming years as essential oils have made their way into our every day lives.

However you choose use essential oils, please use them responsibly.

*Never place essential oils on the skin without a carrier oil. Ever. This is a dangerous practice.

*Do not use essential oils on children that are not your own. Not in a diffuser, certainly not in their drink.

I love the thieves oil recipe in my diffuser. I use it all year long, every single day. We don’t have the common colds and flus that used to be passed around from person to person all year long.

I hope you give it a try. This recipe is a more affordable way to use thieves oil at home. This recipe will last you approximately 6 months if you use the products I use.  I always purchase organic essential oils when I can. I recommend Plant Therapy essential oils. Most are organic and are half the cost of others.

Thieves Oil Recipe

40 drops of Clove Oil

35 drops of Lemon Oil

20 drops of Cinnamon Bark or Cassia

15 drops of Eucalyptus

10 drops of Rosemary

Add them together and put in an herbal tincture bottle

I diffuse a quarter of a dropper full in my diffuser with the appropriate amount of water.


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